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Bible Studies - Chumash & Navi

Bible Studies – Chumash and Navi



Mishnah Talmud Studies

Mishna Talmud Studies


Beginning in 5th grade, students are exposed to the inspiring world of the Mishnah (Oral Torah). By studying the Mishnah , the students gain insight into the Jewish holiday cycle.

Beginning in sixth grade and continuing through eighth grade, students study the Talmud from the original text.

Mastery of language and Talmudic logic are key componets of the curriculum that explores moral dilemmas, civil law and interpersonal relationships.

Students in these grades also study a daily concept of Jewish Law (Halacha Yomit)  curriculum as well as  a “general Jewish knowledge” (Yediyot Klaliyot) curriculum, culminating with an exit exam that all students must pass at the end of their study at our school.

Hebrew Language

Hebrew Language