Grades K-7 - Math in Focus - Singapore Math

Problem solving is at the heart of the Singapore Math®curriculum, with five key aspects of instruction supporting that goal, including attitude and metacognition. This program empowers students to develop critical-thinking skills, positive attitudes, and the confidence to persevere—setting the stage for achievement.

Research-based pedagogy builds mastery.
An emphasis on visualization and the purposeful unfolding of content help students develop true conceptual understanding.
Gradual Release
Through a consistent learning path—student-focused instruction, guided learning, and independent practice with gradual release—students deepen understanding and tackle routine and non-routine problems.
Scaffolded Content
Instruction adapts to meet the needs of individual learners through scaffolding and systematic sequencing of prompted content.

Visual learning builds understanding.
A concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression is embedded throughout instruction and teaches concepts with consistent models that are developed and extended from the early grades through middle school.

Math in Focus adapts instruction to the needs of individual learners through scaffolding with hands-on learning and visual models and support to optimize learning.

  • Visual models, including bar models, help students develop the ability to visualize mathematical situations, which is key to becoming a successful problem solver.
  • Hands-on activities and manipulatives engage students and let them experience concepts in a concrete way.
  • Online resources including Student eBooks, interactivities, and virtual manipulatives, give students easy access to tools that enhance learning.