About the Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center helps make the transition to school an easy one— with love, support and individual attention. Open to children from ages two to five, the Center’s flexible hours, generous teacher to child ratio, learning centers, and play activities encourage children to have fun, while growing and developing. Children discover their world within a safe and secure environment.

Socialization and learning take place through a multi –faceted set of activities, from creative play, music, and story telling to reading and math readiness. Special learning centers simulate the use of imagination, and our indoor gym and outdoor playscapes encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills.

The Bess & Paul Sigel Hebrew Academy Early Childhood Center is a forward thinking private school open to all Jewish children between the ages of two and five.

Curriculum Overview

Fulfilling Each Child’s Potential

Our program works toward fulfillment of each child’s potential, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning and achievement.  The developmentally appropriate Judaic and General Studies curriculum incorporates all areas of development, physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual. Our focus is on the whole child. The program is enriched with music and art instruction and frequent cross-curricular programming with the entire school.

General Studies

Easy Breezy Comprehensive Curriculum

The Easy Breezy comprehensive General Studies curriculum emphasizes pre-literacy skills, mathematical thinking, and science.  Letters and sounds are taught incorporating “Letter Friends,” each with a special song. Mathematical thinking is cultivated through fun games such as matching, building with blocks and more. Science is learned from hands on activities like field trips, planting a garden, and conducting experiments to answer questions.

Judaic Studies

Love of Torah and the Land of Israel

Infused with values, morals and character development, the Judaic Studies curriculum is built upon cultivating a love of Torah and the land of Israel. Students enjoy learning and celebrating the Chagim and Shabbat. Through the parsha stories, children develop an understanding of mitzvot and lessons that can be applied to their daily lives. Ivrit is spoken throughout the day, emphasizing  Hebrew words associated with Alef Bet, Luach (calendar) songs, Davening and Chagim.

  • We have been sending our children to the Bess and Paul Siegel Hebrew Academy preschool for the past five years. Three out of our four children have attended the nursery school and we have had an incredible experience. The classroom size is small and intimate. Children receive one on one instruction and care. The atmosphere of the preschool is one of a caring and loving community of friends and family. Our children are happy to attend school and look forward to seeing their teachers and fellow students. Teachers have been receptive when any concerns have been brought up and have addressed any issues that we've raised. Two of our children graduated from the Hebrew Academy's pre-kindergarten and were 100% ready to enter the demands of a kindergarten classroom. Our children have made life long friends and we are indebted to the school for these special bonds.

    Juanita Moss Parent


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