Grades K through 3rd - iTalam

iTaLAM is a new digital blended learning environment based on the successful TaL AM program, a Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum. iTaLAM is re-inventing the world of Hebrew language and Jewish heritage education by transforming the well-established and highly successful TaL AM print program into an engaging, interactive, personalized, and adaptive digital experience.

iTaLAM is a cross-denominational curriculum, appropriate to be used across a wide spectrum of Jewish approaches, thus meeting the needs of the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox communities all at once. Indeed, one of the missions of iTaLAM is to become a bridge between the various approaches in Jewish education and to create a unified language that makes room for multiple unique voices.

iTaLAM is a new digital blended learning environment based on the successful TaL AM program, a Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum.

iTaLAM is committed to enriching the realm of Jewish education in the Hebrew language using the latest educational technologies and modern teaching methods. We seek to inspire future generations of Jewish children to develop their Jewish identity while expressing their own unique voices.

iTaLAM transforms TaL AM into an innovative digital program of blended learning for schools and home education. iTaLAM is committed to Zionist-Jewish learning in Hebrew, and offers Jewish children an opportunity to become acquainted and learn about their heritage, and to develop their Jewish identity in a unifying and distinctive language.

Songs: The TaL AM songs are presented with animation and illustrative pictures; the lyrics are displayed with the soundtrack and the words are highlighted to help the pupils follow them.

Books: The guided books and printed library books appear as digital books in a number of formats: books with full animation, riddle books, search-books and books based on the printed books and accompanied by narration and sound effects, together with highlighted text.

Educational videos: Animated videos that convey content, such as holiday customs, information on a subject or a language skill.

Comprehension activities, internationalization and examination: A wide range of closed activities that the system grades, including multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching the text to the picture, highlighting and coloring text, finishing pictures, and more.

Games: Learning games, including content and language skills that enable pupils to review and gain a deeper understanding of the learning material in an experiential and challenging way. This year, ten types of games were developed and launched, and appeared in different content.

Creative tools: Enabling the pupils to individually record a song or narration of a book,
to create greetings based on a book, or to create a personal project summarizing the learning. The work is saved in the pupil’s personal environment, accumulating throughout the year.

The iTaLAM Program
The iTaLAM program provides an engaging, interactive, and multi-sensory experience for students.
This includes online games, songs, interactive stories and fun activities. Students are encouraged to delve into the material and contribute in a creative capacity both in the classroom and at home.

Domains of Content
The iTaLAM curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, resulting in a rich and comprehensive program.
The program is divided into four main domains of content:

  • Daily Life & Hebrew
  • Holidays
  • Torah
  • Shabbat Shalom

Learning Management System (LMS)

The iTaLAM LMS consists of a set of management tools for teachers and administrators. It enables advanced monitoring and reporting of students’ progress in class and at home, and can adapt activities to each student’s level and achievements.

Blended Learning Environment

iTaLAM blends proven TaL AM printed materials with new digital components in order to create a unique holistic learning environment. The resulting blended program successfully combines the benefits of both print and digital learning models.

Advantages of Authentic Blended Learning

  • Engages students in active participation
  • Immediate feedback in the process of content mastery and skill development
  • Accelerates learning through focused, flipped instruction
  • Facilitates personalized instruction and learning adapted to each student’s level and interests
  • Enables students to work in groups and utilize social networking for learning
  • Teaches children to use technology for learning, in addition to its social and entertainment functions

Grades 4th through 8th - ulpanor

Ulpan-Or is an innovative center for Hebrew learning, connecting you to Israeli culture with campuses located in Jerusalem , Tel Aviv and anywhere in the world via our online programs and self-study kits.

After 20 years of research, Ulpan-Or founders Orly and Yoel Ganor have developed a revolutionary methodology for learning Hebrew online or in-person called Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA). RLA allows students to learn Hebrew

Ulpan-Or has a customized program for every learning style and schedule. Whichever program is chosen, students at Ulpan-Or learn more Hebrew at a faster pace than other Hebrew programs, whether they focus on learning Hebrew online or in a physical classroom.

There are several key building blocks to excellent Israel education and Modern Hebrew is one of the most important of those. An emotional connection to Israel, cognitive knowledge about Israel, relationships with Israelis, experiences in Israel—all of these are essential, and all are elements Ulpan-Or builds and promotes. The keystone of all these building blocks, the thing that enables them to take root in the mind and heart, is speaking Hebrew – the language of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

Ulpan-Or uses a revolutionary holistic approach putting students into a “production mode” and provides an effective solution based on three main pillars.

  • Ulpan-Or unique RLARapid Language Acquisition methodology
  • Interactive, relevant online materials which encourage creative student engagement
  • Use of modern technology

Ulpan-Or’s iHebrew™ curriculum has been implemented with success in over 60 middle and high schools, universities and other institutions in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia and more, demonstrating significant progress in even the first few months of implementation.
With iHebrew™ curriculum, students achieve fast language proficiency, while having fun and enjoying their study process.
iHebrew™ curriculum has been designed to be applied in modern “blended learning” environments, assisting in implementation differentiated and adaptive learning and “flipped classroom” concepts.
The program follows ACTFL guidelines in terms of level definitions, assessments and authentic content. It assists in establishing common uniform objective standards and helps with placement of students transitioning from one school to another.