May 9, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

At approximately 8:55, we will meet outside for a parade around the flag poles. Our older students will be assisting the preschool during the parade. At 9:20, 2nd-5th will board a bus to Jonathan’s Dream at the JCC.

They will return at 10:30. Middle school students during that time will be preparing for activities. At 10:30, the school will be participating in Yom Haatzmaut activities that are being put together by Hamorah Estee, with the middle school students. It will be outside, but if it rains it will be in the gym. There will be regular afternoon classes. For the trip to the JCC I ask that Morah Shoshana, Rabbi Lustig and Mrs. Carpenter go on the bus.

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