The philosophy of the school is central to the vision of our school is the conviction that every child has value and dignity as an individual and as a contributing member of the community.  Day by day, we move toward our goal of instilling a sense of worth in each child.  We do this by offering an extraordinary amount of personal attention, by constantly demonstrating love, affection, and respect, and by offering numerous formal and informal opportunities for the child to succeed and to be appreciated and recognized, whether it be for distinction in academics, the arts, sports, community affairs, character, or for any other commendable quality.  We are convinced that the child who feels loved and worthy will perform to the best of his/her ability.

Our vision for the school itself encompasses an educational community of self-respecting individuals working toward common goals in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect.  Our objective is to provide the best curricular and extracurricular resources available, and, toward that end, we are always trying to improve ourselves by constantly engaging in honest self-evaluation and reassessment.  We believe that the child endowed with strong self-esteem that we strive to inculcate will flourish, not only personally, but also as a member of the school community, which is itself an environment we are always seeking to better and enrich.

Finally, our vision of the strong child in a strong community extends even further to the role of the child and school within the larger community.  Through monthly community activity, projects, and varied social action opportunities, we seek to impress on each child his/her responsibility as an individual who can make a difference, an individual who matters.


We at the Hebrew Academy will endeavor to teach each child to think, to question, and to analyze.  The goal is to instill a sense of self worth in every child and to encourage everyone to believe that his/her life has purpose and meaning.  The total education program attempts to influence the character, shape the values, fashion the intellect, inculcate wisdom and understanding, and make our students responsible people who will perform good works.

The Hebrew Academy strives to integrate the ideals of the home, school, and total environment so that the child can take his/her place as a productive, cultured, educated American citizen of the Jewish faith – an individual who is aware of both his/her heritage and fully prepared for higher education and responsible adulthood.