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This past Sunday Kitah Bet had a Chagigat Kabbalat HaChumash, a celebration of receiving their first Chumash. After almost a whole year of studying Pesukim, Shorashim and life lessons from the Chumash, the Second grade students have built up a tremendous excitement to now start using a Chumash of their own. The theme of the celebration was the importance of Mesorah, tradition being passed down from Moshe Rabeinu through the generations to us. The Second graders performed songs and said their parts in English and Ivrit with joy, confidence and fluency. It was true Jewish pride (nachas) for all of the parents, grandparents and families who came from near and far to celebrate this milestone.
Everyone enjoyed a bagel breakfast and cake afterwards.

Many Thanks to Morah Devorah, and HaMorah Maya for all their help!!

May Hashem grant the children with the privilege and merit to continue along this wonderful path they have begun!!


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